Leap Flutters

This is a cool environmental-friendly version of the classical ropes and ladder board game, with cool graphics and cool way of drawing numbers with a spinning roulette. The message of this game is a bit vogue and focused mainly ecological by exposing the kids to the habitats of frogs and

Recycle This

In this game you need to sort out rubbish to 4 types of recycling bins – glass, paper, metal ad plastic. Did you know that each hour, American use 2,500,000 plastic bottles? Well most of them are thrown away and not recycled. NASA believe that in this game kids would

Climate Trivia

Climate trivia is a revolving trivia game of 8 different climate questions in each set, you can check your answer at each stage and get your final results. The level of the game is moderate so would fit with ages of 8yrs to 13yrs. A great source for climate-change learning.