Nasa Kids Climate Time Machine

Well this is not really a game – it is quiet a brilliant way to look at ocean levels, carbon emission levels, north pole sea ice and how temperatures changed over the years – just slide the scale and get the picture changing – but it is not really a game  so we scored itRead More

Carbon Offset Game

One of the most problematic greenhouse gases is Carbon dioxide (CO2). Too much of CO2 in the atmosphere would make Earth too warm. In this cool game, the player need to balance the CO2 sources with CO2 absorbents which means that the target is to offset CO2 emissions to ease global warming. “Offset” means to balance out or makeRead More

Meet the Greenhouse Gases

A set of greenhouses cards for kids to print and lay with: Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide, Ozone, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and ChloroFoluroCarbons (CFCs). Each card has two sides and a PDF version in case you want to print it.